Timber Floor Supply

For the home renovator
At Timber Floor Collection we understand that sometimes, against the advice of your partner, industry professionals and your physiotherapist, you just want to purchase the boards and lay them yourself. Who are we to stand in the way of your ‘go get ‘em’ or, ‘she’ll be right’, attitude? So if this is you, we are here to assist you by supplying you with an extensive range of quality timber, engineered, laminate, hybrid and vinyl boards in the style you’re looking for and at competitive prices. We’ll even go so far as to share with you some of our heard-earned knowledge and advice on how to lay your floor while maintaining ownership of your sanity and the number fingers you began the project with.
For the experienced tradesperson
You know what you’re doing, right? You just need to get your hands on the stuff to do it. We can help you with finding the right product, matching existing flooring or even fill in any, albeit small, holes in your knowledge of flooring specific techniques or technologies.
Timber Floor Collection