Timber Floor Install

Out Team of Installers
Now, this is what we do best. Our installers are kinda like rockstars of the flooring scene!

They are a motley crew that journey far and wide to be the cure when you find yourself in dire straits with your tired, old floors. But the real A-ah moment will be when you see these men at work. They are far from pretenders, they are perfection in excess. So if you have ever been left simply red-faced by the sting of a cheap trick pulled by other installers or companies and have traded those tears for fears, then let us be the fix.
You’ll rush to share this experience with the nearest crowded house.

Bad 80’s band puns aside. Our installers are kind, experienced and meticulous. They understand that they are crossing the threshold into your home and do not take that responsibility lightly. The quality of their work and the satisfaction of our customers matters deeply to them, first and foremost. Because unlike larger chains and franchises, the business is owned and run by the head installer. This isn't just his job, but his reputation. And the team he has pulled together, both in trade and admin, genuinely care about you and your home.

And if that isn’t convincing enough, just head over to the ‘testimonials’ page to hear what our customers say about them.

Timber Floor Collection