Timber Floor Repair

It happens to the best of us
Sure, you probably should have trimmed those branches before the storm, replaced those worn out 'o' rings when the plumber told you to, or properly educated the kids on acceptable dishwasher uses (dishes, not soccer uniforms). Whatever the genesis of the issue the result is the same, your floor, once pristine, is now swollen, delaminating, and mouldy.

Breathe. Whatever the issue, we can help you. Our installers have years of experience repairing water, wine, and wear damaged floors. From removal and replacement to sanding and finishing. Better still, our friendly staff know the toll that communicating with your insurance company can take. No matter how many times they tell you they are from ‘sunny Melbourne’, we know you are already dealing with language barriers both technical and regional, and will make every effort to keep things clear and simple throughout the entire process.

If this isn’t you yet, then here’s some helpful advice: trim those branches before the storm, replace those worn out 'o' rings, and properly educate the kids on acceptable dishwasher uses.

Timber Floor Collection