Oak Flooring

Stunning Oak Flooring

Oak floors are for those being told what to do by their interior designer. They are rich and beautiful (the flooring, that is) and come in the largest palate of treatments and textures to suit every room.

Linwood Oak Flooring

LinWood is the way to have a real timber floor for less financial outlay and still get a 20+ year lifespan. LinWood’s top layer (lamallea) is a high grade European Oak made from a species of oak which will provide high durability. The result? A floor that is more economical and uses less natural resources while maintaining long term performance. That’s what you get when using the best materials available.

Lakewood Oak Flooring

Inspired by their passion to produce beautiful flooring, the Lakewood range has been sourced from managed forests throughout Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe. Terra Mater’s mission arises from their passion for wood and timber - to bring customers superior quality flooring, from the forest floor and the environment.

Origins Oak Flooring

The evolution and culmination of rich centuries old wood and hand crafting mastery, Wild Oak Origins takes you from the cradle of French Oak flooring to the dynamic, timeless look and performance of technological prowess. Origins takes old world strength and beauty and applies the latest manufacturing, colouring and texturing techniques to deliver an uncompromising floor.

Pronto Oak Flooring

Pronto engineered oak planks are manufactured from a rustic grade of sustainable European Oak combining a 2.5 mm solid Oak wear layer engineered onto an 11mm, three layer substrate. This trusted method of construction provides a long wearing, stable and durable floor with a finished thickness of 13.5mm. Perfectly suited for multi residential, residential and commercial installations.

Prestige Oak Flooring

This timeless European Oak has an authentic appeal to compliment any interior with its exceptional and contemporary décors. Multi-layer backing for stability ensures this quality oak flooring is as durable as it gets. Sharing unrivalled beauty and character of traditional European Oak flooring, it is the preferred choice by leading architects and designers.
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