Laminate Flooring

Stylish Laminate Flooring

from $32/sqm
Laminate Floors are for the price conscious audiophiles. Unwilling to bear the burden of upkeep that accompanies hardwood flooring, yet knowing full-well that only wood sounds like wood underfoot. Laminate floors boast hard-wearing and water resistant credentials for their small investment while still maintaining the satisfyingly warm ‘clack’ of wood on connection with your Jimmy Choo heels, rather than the unfulfilling ‘click’ offered up by your standard Hybrid plank. Tried and tested, they come in the largest range of colours and varieties available of a flooring product, form French Oaks to Australian Species and all that resides between.

We proudly supply and install the following Laminate products:

TerraMater Lamwood

With high definition printing, the natural look and feel of a hardwood floor - including grain structure knots and flaws - can be replicated with amazing accuracy and clarity, creating a look that’s virtually indistinguishable from a real timber floor. LamWood’s heavy-duty protective layer is impenetrable to dents and scratches, moisture and general wear and tear. So if you’re looking for a stylish, durable surface that’s easy to maintain and can be enjoyed for many years - LamWood is the perfect choice for you.

Kronoswiss Aquastop

Aquastop is produced by the Swiss Krono Group one of the World’s largest and most respected laminate manufacturers. Aquastop is an innovative laminate technology that delivers a unique set of qualities that is engineered to inhibit moisture ingress from topical liquid spills, water and pet accidents. With your ‘Peace of Mind’ as a central focus, the 8 & 12mm range allows for moisture exposure for up to 48 hours and the 14mm range presents with 72-hour protection. These time frames will certainly help if the unexpected does happen.
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